Services for MSM:
  • Referrals to friendly health care centers:
  • Voluntary Counselling & Testing,
  • Safe Male Circumcision
  • ART’s and Treatment
  • Condoms and Lubricant distribution
  • Increase awareness on STD/STI’s
  • Documentation

Annual Events:

We partnered and work closely with other LGBTI organizations to hold Annual Events. Through this, we have been able to expand our events to other districts upcountry.

Media and Awareness campaigns:

We have both mobilized, joined and spearheaded events for the community as a part of the bigger picture. Specifically, we have participated in court sessions, awareness campaigns on Hate, Homophobia, Trans phobia, HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, International Day Against Homophobia and Trans phobia and many more both local and International gatherings

Orientation of Health service Providers:

Spectrum has been working with individual or personal doctors since 2012. We noticed there was a need to raise more awareness on the specific health issues that the MSM/GM community faces to health care providers. Through our partner organizations, we began holding trainings to orient health care workers on MSM/GM needs. It was through this training that we realized that many health care workers were unaware of the specific health care challenges of the community.

Peer Educators:

Since 2012 Spectrum has partnered with allies and focused on training of peer educators as a means of reaching out further to the broader community.

Area One: Health Care and Support

  • Training of health care workers
  • Strengthening referral systems
  • Peer to peer support mechanism
  • Support to PLHIV

Area Two: Public Advocacy on SOGI and Minority Rights

  • Policy Change
  • Target local government, African Commission, and UN Commission
  • Changing police, religious and cultural leaders attitudes

Area Three: Organizational Development and Resource Mobilization

  • Fundraising
  • Staff development and motivation

Area Four: Security and Emergency

  • Response to emergencies
  • First-aid
  • Legal Aid
  • Referrals to additional help
  • 24/7 Toll Free Line

Area Five: Economic Empowerment

  • Skills development training
  • Start ups of small-scale businesses
  • Building partnerships for employment